ALG’s Anderson Completes Term As Chairman Of Bar Aviation Section

ALG’s James Anderson completed his term as the elected Chairman of the Aviation Section of the King County Bar Association, after a successful year that saw a weekend-long conference: The 41st Annual Pacific Northwest Aviation Law & Insurance Seminar. The seminar featured speakers from around the world who addressed issues of:

  • Liability under the General Aviation Revitalization Act
  • First Amendment, Privacy, and Safety Issues Relating to Drone Journalism
  • Partnerships in Commercial Aviation
  • EU Aircraft Taxation
  • Drone Accident Investigations
  • UAS Safety Regulation in the United States
  • UAV Insurance, and
  • The Use of Drones in Litigation

Mr. Anderson continues to be active in the King County Bar Association’s Aviation Section and is always available for consultation on aviation issues. He can be reached at 206-464-1166 or