ALG Attorneys Now Licensed In All States On Pacific Ocean


2015 was an expansion year for the attorneys at ALG. James Anderson, already licensed as an attorney in Washington, became licensed in the neighboring state of Oregon. “I am please to be a new member of the Oregon Bar Association, ” he said, “while my primary office will remain in Seattle, I look forward to expanding my aviation accident practice to nearby Oregon, and meeting and working with more Oregon attorneys in the future.”

ALG attorney Robert Hedrick added to ALG’s attorney license expansion in 2015 by taking and passing the July Hawaii Bar Exam. Hedrick put it into perspective: “while this is the fourth bar exam that I have passed, it has been nearly 20 years since my last bar exam, and the difficult challenge of passing a bar exam is ever present, especially to those older attorneys such as myself.” Hedrick also advises: “A good bar exam review would be beneficial for a lot of experienced attorneys, as we often forget the fundamentals of law outside our practice areas.”

ALG attorneys are now licensed in California, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and Hawaii. We are also licensed (but on inactive status) in Minnesota and Colorado. ALG handles matters throughout the U.S., and we associate local counsel in other states when needed.