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Aviation Law Group PS is a leading West Coast law firm representing plaintiffs in the West Coast, the United States, and the World in aircraft accidents and other aviation-related cases involving serious injury/wrongful death. With more than 30 years of experience practicing law, and more than 40 years in aviation, ALG is proud of our excellent legal work on behalf of hundreds of clients. We routinely handle cases with local counsel in all 50 States and Internationally. Additionally, ALG attorneys are licensed to practice law throughout the Western United States including AlaskaWashington, Hawaii, and California

Aviation Law Group: Representing Passengers Harmed on
Alaska Airlines Flight 1282

Our Approach

At Aviation Law Group, our primary concern for the passengers of Alaska Flight 1282 is their physical and mental well-being and recovery. There is nothing to gain by filing a lawsuit immediately, as some other lawyers have done when all the facts are not yet known, and many passengers are still recovering from their injuries. Once you retain ALG to represent you, you can rest assured that your legal interests are being taken care of by ALG, leaving you to focus on other important things in your life.

ALG takes a thoughtful and thorough approach to all of our cases. We have already commenced our own investigation with many interviews, consultations with our expert airline pilots and mechanics, and are performing extensive research covering many issues in the federal aviation regulations, product liability, and state law in at least 4 other states. We have prior experience with claims against Alaska Airlines, Boeing, and major aircraft component part suppliers.

Deciding when to file a lawsuit is an art. This takes time. We strategically decide which state’s laws are most advantageous to each of our clients, and we determine which states we can obtain personal jurisdiction over each defendant. This not only helps ensure a recovery for each client, but a maximum recovery. Different state laws may be more beneficial to different claimants.

For example, Washington law does not provide for punitive damages. Other states related to this action do allow claims for punitive damages. This might make a difference on where we file the case and what law we seek to apply. These important legal and strategic decisions cannot be made overnight or right after an accident when most of the underlying facts are unknown.

ALG attorneys have prior experience with claims against Boeing, Alaska Airlines, and many major aircraft component part suppliers. We have successfully handled many airframe failure accident cases. Four ALG attorneys are commercial pilots, two are licensed aircraft mechanics. We would be happy to explain our approach to you and answer any questions that you may have.

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Bob Hedrick

Bob Hedrick

Attorney 30+ years
Commercial Pilot
A&P Aviation Mechanic
20+ Years Professor of Aviation Accident Law 

Casey DuBose

Casey DuBose

Attorney 10+ years
Commercial Pilot
Flight Instructor
Fluent Mandarin Chinese
Professor of Aviation and Space Law 


Kerry Kovarik

Kerry Kovarik

Attorney 16+ years
Commercial Pilot
Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic
Former FAA Authorized Inspector 

Chris Rusing

Chris Rusing

Attorney 20+ years
Airline Pilot & Instructor
Airbus 320 Series Captain


Aviation Accident Law



General Aviation Accidents

General aviation involves private and recreational flight activity. It includes non-airline flights such as scenic flights, flight training, private flights, recreational flights, helicopter flights and operations, seaplanes, flying clubs, business flights, gliders, and a lot of other aerial activity. All of Aviation Law Group attorneys have extensive experience in many aspects of general aviation, from flying and instructing, to operations and aircraft maintenance. Since 1988, our lawyers have handled accidents involving nearly all aspects of general aviation activity for airplanes, helicopters, and fixed base operators.

Helicopter Accidents

Helicopter accidents often involve issues of external load operations such as longline or external load (link to external load), heli-lifting, heli-logging, and fire-fighting support.

Major Airline Accidents

ALG attorneys have represented numerous families who lost loved ones in major airline disasters, such as the January 31, 2000, Alaska Flight 261 accident near Point Hueneme, California, and the February 25, 2009, Turkish Airline Flight TK 1951 accident in Amsterdam. We have extensive experience with international airline liability law, including the Montreal Convention and its predecessor the Warsaw Convention, where issues of liability, jurisdiction, applicable law, and recoverable damages are complex. ALG attorneys have given many talks and written numerous articles in this specialized field of law. Mr. Hedrick also teaches the Montreal Convention as part of his Aviation Accident Law course at Seattle University School of Law.

International Coverage and Regional Expertise


Unfortunately, aircraft accidents occur nearly weekly throughout Washington.  In addition, many aircraft accidents outside of Washington involve Washington manufacturers or operators. 


Because of the extent of aviation activity throughout the 49th and largest state in the U.S., Robert Hedrick obtained his attorney license in Alaska nearly 20 years ago in 2002 and is an active member of the Alaska Bar Association.


Aviation activity is unique in the Hawaiian archipelago because of its location and geographical topography.

Recent Aviation Law News

All Eyes on Boeing’s Ongoing Safety Saga

All Eyes on Boeing’s Ongoing Safety Saga

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Justice Department’s ongoing investigations into Boeing’s safety practices present a complex legal landscape for those affected by the company’s alleged failures. The FAA’s grounding of the 737 Max 9 planes and subsequent audits of Boeing’s manufacturing processes highlight regulatory efforts to hold the company accountable. These investigations are starting to provide crucial evidence relevant to demonstrate Boeing’s knowledge of and response to safety issues.

Aviation Law Group (ALG) expands practice to Florida

Aviation Law Group (ALG) expands practice to Florida

We are thrilled to announce that ALG Attorney Chris Rusing has successfully passed the rigorous Florida Bar Exam in February 2023. This accomplishment expands ALG’s legal practice to encompass those affected by severe aviation accidents in the Sunshine State....

Representative Cases

Airplane Mis-fueling Accident

A lineman working for local aircraft fueling operation pumped Jet-A aircraft fuel into the tanks of a reciprocating single-engine airplane, which required 100 octane low lead fuel.

Defective Carburetor Accident

In February 2013, following a 3-week trial, a Washington jury returned a verdict for $8.9 million in favor of our client against an aircraft engine manufacturer.

Regional Fly-In Accident

After a 3-week jury trial, Robert Hedrick obtained a $10.5 million verdict against a regional fly-in host and its national counterpart. The case involved failure to arrange for adequate fire and emergency response at the event, which caused a pilot to die needlessly. 

Aircraft Design Defect

Last year, after a two-week trial, a 12-person jury returned a verdict in favor of the clients of Aviation Law Group, finding that an aircraft’s flight control system was defectively designed, which caused the deaths of a pilot and his passenger.

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