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Aviation Law Group PS is a leading West Coast law firm representing plaintiffs in the West Coast, the United States and the World in aircraft accidents and other aviation-related cases involving serious injury/wrongful death. With more than 25 years of experience practicing law, and more than 30 years in aviation, ALG is proud of our excellent legal work on behalf of hundreds of clients. ALG attorneys are licensed to practice law throughout the western United States including AlaskaWashington, Hawaii, and California. We routinely handle cases throughout the US and Internationally. 


Aviation Accident Law



General Aviation Accidents

ALG has experience handling general aviation accidents that occur in other countries. Depending on the facts, sometimes we are able to file a lawsuit in the U.S. even if an accident occurs in a foreign country. If we cannot obtain legal jurisdiction in the U.S., we have working relationships with many aviation attorneys around the world, to ensure our client’s rights are protected and that we can pursue recovery.

Helicopter Accidents

Helicopter accidents often involve issues of external load operations such as longline or external load (link to external load), heli-lifting, heli-logging, and fire-fighting support.

Major Airline Accidents

ALG attorneys have represented numerous families who lost loved ones in major airline disasters, such as the January 31, 2000, Alaska Flight 261 accident near Point Hueneme, California, and the February 25, 2009, Turkish Airline Flight TK 1951 accident in Amsterdam. We have extensive experience with international airline liability law, including the Montreal Convention and its predecessor the Warsaw Convention, where issues of liability, jurisdiction, applicable law, and recoverable damages are complex. ALG attorneys have given many talks and written numerous articles in this specialized field of law. Mr. Hedrick also teaches the Montreal Convention as part of his Aviation Accident Law course at Seattle University School of Law.

International Aviation Accidents

International aviation accident law is one of the most complex areas of legal practice. International agreements between different countries may or may not apply to a particular case. Our lawyers have handled numerous international aviation accidents ranging from international airline disasters to foreign seaplane accidents.

Recent Aviation Law News

Glider Tow Plane Crash in Hawaii

Dillingham Airfield on the north shore of Oahu suffered a second deadly air crash by a commercial operation within a year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5qvWvWp9tQ The Cessna 305A crashed shortly after takeoff from the field. The aircraft is a tow plane for...

Two charter crashes in two days of Alaska aviation

Last week was marred by two crashes of part 135 operators in Alaska - one minor and one tragic. On February 5th, the first incident was lost of control during the take-off of a Cessna 208 in Hooper Bay. The aircraft was operated by Grant Aviation and there were no...

Kobe Bryant’s accident was entirely avoidable

The last few seconds show the helicopter dramatically trying to gain altitude as it nears the crash site which indicates the pilot saw the terrain too late to recover

International Coverage and Regional Expertise


Unfortunately, aircraft accidents occur nearly weekly throughout Washington.  In addition, many aircraft accidents outside of Washington involve Washington manufacturers or operators.



Because of the extent of aviation activity throughout the 49th and largest state in the U.S., Robert Hedrick obtained his attorney license in Alaska nearly 15 years ago in 2002 and is an active member of the Alaska Bar Association.


Aviation activity is unique in the Hawaiian archipelago because of its location and geographical topography.

Representative Cases

Defective Carburetor Accident

In February 2013, following a 3-week trial, a Washington jury returned a verdict for $8.9 million in favor of our client against an aircraft engine manufacturer.

Regional Fly-In Accident

After a 3-week jury trial, Robert Hedrick obtained a $10.5 million verdict against a regional fly-in host and its national counterpart. The case involved failure to arrange for adequate fire and emergency response at the event, which caused a pilot to die needlessly. 

Airplane Mis-fueling Accident

A lineman working for local aircraft fueling operation pumped Jet-A aircraft fuel into the tanks of a reciprocating single-engine airplane, which required 100 octane low lead fuel.

Aircraft Design Defect

Last year, after a two-week trial, a 12-person jury returned a verdict in favor of the clients of Aviation Law Group, finding that an aircraft’s flight control system was defectively designed, which caused the deaths of a pilot and his passenger.

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