ALG Lawyers Speak At 2015 Aviation Insurance Seminar

ALG attorneys James Anderson and Robert Hedrick were recently invited to give presentations at the Northwest Aviation Insurance Association Seminar in Seattle. On November 5, 2015 Mr. Anderson spoke on the effects of Washington cannabis laws on aviation activities, and the effect of conflicting Federal Aviation Regulations. Particularly, Mr. Anderson addressed the complications that arise when companies try to legally transport cannabis using aircraft. He also addressed insurance issues related to insurance coverage and accidents as related to cannabis laws on the production and transportation side of the regulations.

ALG attorney Robert Hedrick was invited to participate at the same conference. His presentation was part of an insurance and legal claims panel, where Mr. Hedrick provided opinions from the plaintiffs aviation accident attorney’s perspective. The panel discussed numerous regional aircraft accidents, including legal and insurance issues that arose from those accidents. One of the accidents involved a 2009 commercial seaplane accident in British Columbia, in which ALG represented the families of a married couple from California who perished in the accident. Mr. Hedrick expressed serious concerns about numerous safety issues in the seaplane transport industry which were not implemented following the accident.