The day after Christmas was marred by the third commercial helicopter crash in Hawaii this year. Following a day-long search for the Safari Helicopter operated tour, the crash site was found with the remains of the 7 perished occupants.

Rough Terrain of Kauai

These crashes in addition to the skydiving crash which killed 11 people in June make 2019 of the worst years for aviation accidents in Hawaiian history.

Hawaii is a unique and challenging place to aviate. While the cause of the crash is to be determined, the unforgiving terrain of Kauai would have left the pilot without a safe option if the aircraft had mechanical problems.

Scenic Air Helicopter

Air tour operators often run on very limited margins. We at Aviation Law Group have seen cases where the accidents were the results of scenic tour operators under training their pilots and under maintaining their fleets.

After Robert Hedrick passed the Hawaiian bar in 2015, Aviation Law Group became the only aviation accident firm with attorneys that are licensed in the State of Hawaii.

If you have a loved one who was injured in this or any other Hawaiian air accident, we are here to help.