Robert Hedrick was invited to present at the 9th Annual Conference On International Aviation Law and Insurance, held  in Edinburgh, Scotland in May, 2016. Mr. Hedrick was on a panel discussing international air carrier liability with other leading industry experts from the U.K., Italy and Australia. The panel was expertly moderated by Alan Reitzfeld of Holland & Knight, New York.

Hedrick gave an update as to the status of international uniformity under the Montreal Convention. He identified areas where the Convention was lacking uniformity, such as under Article 17, where court’s around the world continue to struggle with concepts of strict air carrier liability and emotional distress claims. The panel also discussed the viability of pre-impact fear in wrongful death claims subject to the Convention.  He summed up the experience: “It was an honor to be part of this distinguished panel, and to be among colleagues from around the world who, like myself, have a passion for international aviation law.”