A PenAir codeshare flight for Alaska Airlines overran the runway at Unalaska, AK (USA) with 38 passengers and 3 crew. The aircraft came to a stop about 125 meters/400 feet past the end of the runway partially hanging down a slope into the sea, the left-hand propeller blades had contacted some obstacles, blades impacted and penetrated the fuselage.

One passenger died as a result of the accident, two passengers received serious injuries, five received minor injuries. One injured passenger was flown out to Anchorage. A total of eleven passengers were taken to a hospital. This tragedy ends a six-year period time without a fatality on US soil from an Airline accident.

Preliminary investigations show that the pilot landed with a gusting tailwind on a slippery runway. This was a recipe for disaster and one that should have been prevented.

Our sympathies go to the victim of accident many of whom were en route to start their fishing season in Alaska and now must deal with painful rehabilitation from this accident.

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