(L-R J.J. Camp QC, Associate Counsel, CFM Lawyers, Canada, Micheál P O’Higgins SC, Chairman Council of The Bar of Ireland, Ireland, Sigrid Preissl, Managing Partner, Bourayne & Preissl, France, Robert F. Hedrick, Attorney, Aviation Law Group PS, Seattle, Niamh Hodnett, Solicitor, Commission for Communications (ComReg), Gerard Forlin QC, Cornerstone Barristers, UK)

ALG attorney Robert Hedrick was invited by the Bar of Ireland and Law Society of Ireland (Barristers) to speak in Dublin about jury trials in the U.S. He was part of a panel of international trial lawyers conducting a program entitled: Does The Law Ensure Fair Civil Trials? An International Panel Perspective On Upholding the Rule of Law. As reported in the Bar of Ireland news: 

In line with this theme, legal professionals from across the world came together in Dublin to share international perspectives on fair civil trials. Judges versus juries, the role of government investigations in civil trials, recoverable damages, and time to trial and cost were amongst the topics discussed in a panel discussion moderated by Robert F. Hedrick, an attorney with Aviation Law Group PS in Seattle and Niamh Hodnett, a solicitor with the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg).

Micheál P O’Higgins SC, Chairman Council of The Bar of Ireland, said: “It is an honour to welcome legal professionals from the UK, Canada, France and the US to exchange ideas and best practise on fair civil trials. While civil trials vary greatly across jurisdictions, it is crucial to ensure there is fairness across the board for those involved in the legal system, whether defendants, plaintiffs, or others.”

“As legal professionals this is an issue of great importance to us as we consider ourselves to be defenders of the rule of law by acting against unlawful situations and defending citizens’ rights. We are delighted to team with our international peers to mark this occasion.