Tragedy struck the Kozhikode as a B738 overran the runway over the weekend.

Indian social media was quick to call the pilot a decorated hero who saved an aircraft with damaged gear and low fuel. However, as the investigation continues, it looks like none of the above was correct. This was pilot error to the nth degree and should have not happened.

The weather was exceptionally poor on the approach to landing and after attempting an approach to runway 29 the pilot went around and tried to land the other direction on Runway 10. This put the aircraft landing with a gusting direct tailwind.

The tower witnesses state that the aircraft touched down more than 1/3 of the way down the runway. A touchdown point that essentially doomed the aircraft to overun the runway.

We will need to wait for the black box recording from images of the wrecked cockpit it looks like the pilot did attempt to go around. The throttle quadrant is full forward and the reversers have been stowed.

There has yet to be a published record of those who were killed and injured in the crash. Internation crashes pose very difficult issues of jurisdiction, venue, and international law. Issues that are exacerbated by the fact that it was a government-chartered flight to evacuate Indian nationals from Dubai.

ALG has experience with such issues having most-recently represented victims of the Turkish Airlines crash and is willing to consult with anyone who may have been impacted by this crash.