NTSB begins inquiry into Fatal South Dakota PC-12 Crash

The busiest traveling weekend of the year was marred by multiple general aviation accidents across the county. The worst of involved a Pilatus PC-12 that crashed shortly after takeoff from Chamberlain Municipal Airport (9V9) which 9 of the 12 people on board the aircraft.

The NTSB has begun an investigation into the cause of the accident. A preliminary report on the plane crash should be released in about a week.

At the time of the departure, the area was under a winter storm warning with visibility a half of a mile at the airport. While a PC-12 is equipped with de-icing boots, it has no ability to remove ice from the surface of the wings and 9V9 was not equipped with deicing equipment.

The victims of the accident were returning to their home in Idaho Falls, Idaho from an annual hunting trip. Our hearts go out to the who family is now preparing for the funerals of four generations of men who perished in the crash.

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