In the recent tragic occurrence, a Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue helicopter, N108BC, crashed into an apartment building on August 28. According to the preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the pilot noted an escalating temperature in one of the engines, followed by the illumination of the engine fire button during the initial climb out of the airport and just moments before the crash.

Expert analysis and insight on the case has been provided by Mr. Chris Rusing to the South Florida Sun Sentinel in a recent article. Mr. Rusing is airline captain and attorney at the Aviation Law Group.

Rusing highlights the pressing questions surrounding of the fire suppression system, as well as the root cause of the engine catching fire in the first place. He points out that the NTSB will most likely investigate a potential failure of an internal engine part or a maintenance-related issue that could have initiated the tragic chain of events.

“There’s always multiple things that have to go wrong for an airplane to crash or a helicopter to crash,” Rusing said. “It’s very, very rare that one failure in itself will cause an accident. It appears in this case there’s several links in the chain.”

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Mr. Rusing also emphasizes the unusual nature of the tailboom failure, often not a consequence of an engine fire, indicating that the NTSB will delve deeper into understanding the factors leading to this failure alongside the primary engine fire investigation. The intensity of the crash engulfed most of the helicopter’s frame, further complicating the analysis.

Sadly, the crash claimed the lives of Battalion Chief Terryson Jackson and resident Lurean Wheaton, leaving a deep void in the community. The incident has since spurred county officials into action, earmarking substantial funds for the acquisition of a new twin-engine Airbus H145, as part of a broader plan to overhaul the existing fleet, which had been noted for safety concerns and escalating maintenance costs as per a 2017 report.

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