Washington Aviation Accident Attorneys

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Aviation and aviation law have been a major part of the landscape of Washington for over a century.

Washington is home to The Boeing Company and over 1,000 other aerospace-related companies. In addition, Washington is home to many other large aviation manufacturers and divisions, including those involved in commercial and military airplanes and rotorcraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and systems, space exploration, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

Washington is also a center for major aviation operations:  Both Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air operate with Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as their main base of operations. In addition, Washington is home to Kenmore Air, one of the largest seaplane operators in the world.

Smaller commercial operations, air charter, air taxi, and general aviation also have a large presence in Washington.  Moving from West to East, operations range from costal operations on the Pacific Ocean to island hopping in the San Juan Islands, to the busy flight environment in the SEA-TAC Terminal Area. From there, the Cascade Range and mountains such as Mount Rainer provide for a challenging mountain flying environment, with hazards such as icing present much of the year. Once past the Cascade range, Central and Eastern Washington are home to major flight training schools and large scale aviation agricultural operations. Throughout Washington, major military aviation operations exist at Whidbey Island (Naval Air Station), Joint Base Lewis-McChord (Army and Air Force Operations), to Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington.

Washington is also home to a plethora of recreational aircraft activity, and Washington is the second busiest seaplane operation region in the U.S.

Unfortunately, aircraft accidents occur nearly weekly throughout Washington.  In addition many aircraft accidents outside of Washington involve Washington manufacturers or operators.  Relatively few attorneys who focus on aviation are licensed to practice law in Washington. Aviation Law Group attorneys are licensed and active attorneys in Washington. They have been involved in some of the largest aviation accident jury verdicts and settlements in the state. If you or a loved one are involved in an aircraft accident in Washington, or which involves a Washington manufacturer, or involve a Washington resident, contact us at Aviation Law Group for legal evaluation.