ALG files Suit On Aircraft Misfueling Accident

ALG attorneys Robert Hedrick and James Anderson have filed a lawsuit regarding a fatal aircraft accident in downtown Spokane, Washington.  The Complaint filed by Hedrick and Anderson alleges that the aircraft was improperly fueled with Jet Fuel instead of AvGas, a mistake that led to a loss of power and a subsequent crash. ALG represents the family of the fatally injured pilot, and Mr. Hedrick says that he looks forward to bringing justice to the family of the victim.  Mr. Hedrick and Mr. Anderson can each be reached at 206-464-1166.  

ALG Attorney James Anderson Selected as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers

ALG Attorney James Anderson was selected for the “Rising Stars” list by Washington Super Lawyers.  Only 2.5% of the lawyers in a given state receive the distinction, which is only granted after an independent third-party review process. Look for Mr. Anderson’s inclusion on the “Rising Stars” list in Washington Super Lawyers Magazine and Seattle Met magazine.  

Mr. Anderson is always available for consultation regarding aviation issues.  He can be reached at 206-464-1166 or  

James T. Anderson addresses lawyers on helicopter regulation near cities


James T. Anderson of Aviation Law Group spoke to attorneys about the local and federal government’s ability to regulate helicopter activity, especially in and around cities.

During his presentation at the Northwest Aviation and Insurance Law Seminar, Mr. Anderson addressed issues of noise, zoning, and safety.  Mr. Anderson discussed the results of his nationwide analysis of local regulation of helicopter takeoff and landing sites, and he paid special attention to cases where the lack of regulations caused a crash, or could have caused a crash.

Mr. Anderson is always available for consultation on helicopter safety issues.  He can be reached at (206) 464-1166.

James T. Anderson talks to pilots about their responsibilities as “Pilot in Command”


James T. Anderson of Aviation law group recently spoke to a group of pilots, flight instructors, and educators about the responsibilities that come with being the “Pilot in Command” of an aircraft.
During the presentation Mr. Anderson addressed issues surrounding the legal liability of the pilot in command of an aircraft, including responsibility for the safety of the flight.
Mr. Anderson is always available for consultation on pilot issues. He can be reached at (206) 464-1166.

ALG’s Hedrick Completes Speaking Tour In Australia

Robert Hedrick recently travelled down under to give a series of presentations to attorneys and law students in Australia.  On May 9, 2014 he gave a presentation at the 33rd Annual Aviation Law Association of Australia and New Zealand in Melbourne, entitled Recent Developments In U.S. International Aviation Law. During his one-hour PowerPoint presentation, he discussed recent Montreal Convention cases, issues of U.S. Jurisdiction and Forum Non Conveniens, Airline Deregulation Act Preemption cases, and the status of U.S. drone regulation. Hedrick also provided an update of major air carrier accidents that are in litigation in U.S. courts.

Hedrick also gave five Nuremburg Trial presentations to law schools located in Sydney and Melbourne. His PowerPoint lecture was entitled: From History’s Greatest Trial: The Cross Examination Of Nazi Hermann Goering. The schools included: University of New South Wales School of Law, University of Notre Dame School of Law, Macquarie University Law School, and the University of Victoria Law School. Hedrick believes that lawyers (and non-lawyers) young and old can learn from significant trials that have withstood the test of time.

Robert F. Hedrick of Aviation Law Group speaks to Bloomberg on Malaysia Flight 370


On March 8, 2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, with 239 passengers and crew, disappeared. The still missing aircraft is now presumed to have crashed with no survivors. The press sought out answers to questions involving private international aviation liability, and ALG attorney Robert Hedrick had the answers. In the weeks following the accident, Mr. Hedrick was interviewed on radio, television, and newspaper, including the following: BBC-UK, BBC-Australia, Radio New Zealand, China Daily, Bloomberg News, China Central Television – CCTV America, and MSNBC – The Reid Report. On March 12, 2014 the China Daily front page stated:

“Even if Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is never found, the rights of the passengers on board will not remain a mystery,” according to Robert Hedrick, an aviation accident attorney at Aviation Law Group. If the aircraft or wreckage of 370 is never found, will the passenger’s families be able to recover for their loss? If so, who will bear responsibility? “The Montreal Convention is a multilateral treaty signed by more than 100 countries including the US. The Convention controls ticketed international travel involving signatory countries,” Hedrick said. “Malaysia signed the Montreal Convention in 2008, and China signed in 2005. “Passengers that are ticketed to travel between the two countries are therefore ordinarily subject to the Convention. “The disappearance of an aircraft is an ‘accident’ under the Montreal Convention. Under … the Convention, Malaysian Airlines is automatically (strictly) liable for damage sustained by passengers up to … approximately $155,000. “For amounts in excess of that, unless Malaysia Airlines can prove that the disappearance was not due to its negligence, or was solely the responsibility of a third party, it will face exposure for full damages to each passenger. “With the missing aircraft, that burden will likely be impossible to meet,” Hedrick said.

Robert  F. Hedrick spoke as an expert on international aviation law live on Bloomberg News on March 24, 2014.

His interview is available below:

Mr. Hedrick spoke on international liability under the Montreal Convention as well as the likelihood of recovery for passengers on the flight. Mr. Hedrick is always available for discussion of international law issues.  He can be reached at (206) 464-1166.